New for ’08-Dominator

12 03 2008

Dominator-Coming to KD in '08!

Dominator is the latest addition to Kings Dominion, a Cedar Fair park in Doswell, VA. It is a B&M (Bolliger & Mabillard) floorless coaster. It is not a brand new coaster; Dominator is being relocated from Geauga (Gee-ah-guh) Lake, another Cedar Fair park. The coaster is 4210′ long, is 157′ tall, a ride time of 2:06, and a maximum speed of 65 m.p.h. Dominator is notable because it is the longest of its kind and features the largest loop on a coaster.

While many residents of VA are happy about the park getting its first B&M ride, residents of Ohio are sad to see this one leave. Cedar Fair’s decision to close the amusement park section of Geauga Lake is not without opposition. It is a rather historic park, having one of the last coasters standing that was designed by the great John Miller. While some of GL’s coasters have found homes (Dominator @ KD, Beaver Land Mine Ride @ CP?), The Big Dipper remains in limbo. The question is whether to demolish the 1920’s era ride, relocate it, or keep it. The right thing to do would be to fix it up to its former glory (retracking, a coat of white paint, NAD century flyers?) and include it as part of a retro/nostalgic theme for the waterpark.




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