Cedar Point vs. Six Flags Magic Mountain

20 04 2008

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This post is a response to a recent story on the Kevin and Nate show which brought up the excellent question and age old rivalry of CP and SFMM. These parks have contended for the position of having the most roller coasters for many years. *A disclaimer: I have been to CP, but not to SFMM* First of all, CP has the edge in numbers of coasters with 17 compared to SFMM’s 15. SFMM has made a statement to their defense saying that they have coasters of greater quality than CP. This, of course can be disputed. Ride on ride comparisons, as tried in the Kevin and Nate show and RollerCoaster! magazine have yielded ties. I will not try one of these myself as I have never been to SFMM, and therefore my opinions cannot be valid. Even though there is much controversy surrounding coaster polls, I will take a look to see if we can see a definite winner in the results.

According to Mitch Hawker’s 2007 coaster poll:


4 Millennium Force

10 Maverick

23 Top Thrill Dragster

40 Raptor

46 Magnum XL-200

61 Blue Streak

103 Wicked Twister

156 Gemini

170 Mean Streak

245 Intamin Bobsled (Disaster Transport)

258 Wildcat

279 Iron Dragon

304 Cedar Creek Mine

334 Arrow Corkscrew (Corkscrew)

All others recieve 358s

Cedar Point gets at total of 3107 points for an average of 182.76 points/coaster


36 Tatsu

49 Batman The Ride

54 Goliath

57 X

71 Riddler’s Revenge

92 Scream!

140 Colossus

160 Ninja

190 Deja Vu

217 Viper

219 Superman The Escape

268 Revolution

284 Gold Rusher

All others get 358’s

Six Flags Magic Mountain gets a total of 2553 points for an average of 170.2 points/coaster

This shows that on average, SFMM coasters perform better (by about 10 points) than CP’s coasters in the polls. In the end, this is such a small difference that, for the accuracy of the poll, tells us nothing but that the coasters in the two parks are of about the same “thrill quality”. CP has more coasters in the top 50 with 5 compared with 2 on the SFMM side. This means that CP has more standout coasters, but SFMM has a stronger supporting cast of rides.

In the end, to determine the winner we have to look at non coaster elements of the experience. Examples of this would be customer service, non-coaster rides, and park layout. It really up to you to discern which park is better!

P.S.  Check this post for more on CP’s coasters.




6 responses

19 05 2008

You can’t judge a park on its roller coasters. Its how the park runs the rides, how the parks staff is. What the enviornment is like. Cedar point feels like a home, a fun family vacation. Magic mountain feels more out of place and almost (for lack of better word) ‘ganster-like’. Thats a an exageration I know But I can’t think of a better word. The rides may be better at Magic mountian but the location of the peninsula and lagoon is better than a desert mountain.

20 05 2008

Thanks for commenting!
I totally agree with you. To really decide whether one park is better than the other we must look at every aspect of it. I have never been to SFMM, so I cannot voice my opinion on this matter, but am interested to see what other people think.

29 05 2008

subconscious says : I absolutely agree with this !

19 09 2009

You can’t judge the parks on it’s rollercoasters. It’s judged by employees, location, scenery, and food. And Cedar Point takes them all. Cedar Point feels like heaven. Six Flags, bullshit. Crappy locations, crappy prices for park tickets and parking, crappy and racist employees, and the worst food of the worst food. Never go to Six Fags. Go to Cedar Point. The king of all amusement parks!

3 02 2011

Cedar point rocks!!!!! 
Cedar point ride on!!!!!
Are you a ride warrior?

16 06 2012
Nathan Taipale

SFMM just builds coasters as fast as they can so they can beat cedar point. CP takes their time and builds great world class coasters. Thats just my opinion.

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