The Coasters of Cedar Point

18 06 2008

I am a big fan of Cedar Point (CP).  I have been there three times and have ridden all 17 coasters.  I will take you through all 17 and comment on them.

Cedar Point

1. Blue Streak.  This is a classic “out and back” wooden coaster.  The great coaster designers John Allen and Frank Hoover designed this coaster.  It has a real classic, rickety, seaside coaster feel, which is half of the reason I love this coaster so much.  The other half of the reason is that it, after over 40 years, still packs a punch.  With the debut of Maverick, I have been on a coaster that is over twice as steep (95 vs. 45 degrees), but this one always feels almost straight down.  It has an out of control feeling to the degree that cannot be felt on any steel coaster.  With every crest of the hill you are lifted out of your seat and you swear that the car lifts off the tracks.  This coaster was an American Coaster Enthusiasts (ACE) Classic Coaster, but they have taken away the designation after changes to the safety restraints.  The Blue Streak?  Still alive and kicking after 40 years.

Blue Streak

Cedar Creek Mine Ride.  This was one of the first mine train coasters ever, and the first tubular steel coaster at the park.  Even though it is a historic coaster with a great setting over a lagoon, ridden today, it shows its age.  This coaster fails to be thrilling and often, instead, hurts.  It is, however, a good ride for those not yet ready for the larger coasters and never has a long line.

Cedar Creek Mine Ride

Corkscrew.  Another historic coaster at CP, this was the first coaster to have three inversions.  Corkscrew is a suprisingly rough and unforgiving ride, especially right after lunch.  While the corkscrew elements over the midway create a unique CP landmark, it is not my favorite ride there.


Disaster Transport.  You may not even know that this coaster existed.  It lurks in the right corner of the park, by Wicked Twister, MaxAir, and the ferris wheel.  It started out as an outdoor Intamin bobsled style coaster, but was inclosed and given a futuristic, space theme.  The theming was certainly well done, but it went by too fast for me to notice or get it.  While the feeling of a free wheeling coaster riding down a trough style track is unique, most of the ride was too dark for me to appreciate this.  Over all, I was disapointed.  The ride felt thrilling because I had no idea what was ahead at any time, but there were no actually thrilling elements or large drops.  There is, however, one plus: the air conditioned line!

Disaster Transport

Gemini.  This is one unique coaster.  It uses the same basic system as CCMR, but it is blown up to supercoaster dimensions.  Oh. And its a racing coaster.  At the time of its opening, it was the tallest and fastest coaster out there.  Having this crown has become somewhat of a tradition for CP.  This is one of my favorite coasters in the park.  It has the feel of a traditional woodie layout, but is glass smooth.  Its drop is one of my favorites; long, smooth, and a nice headchopper effect at the bottom.


Stay tuned for more CP coasters!




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