The Coasters of Cedar Point Part II

26 06 2008

Iron Dragon

6. Iron DragonIron Dragon is alot of fun.  It is very unique for the park because it is an Arrow suspended coaster.  This differs from B&M and Vekoma suspended coasters because the cars are allowed to swing freely.  It is one of only a few remaining in the world.  Even though it is not as intense or thrilling (it has been nicknamed “Draggin’ Iron”) as its sister coasters (Ninja, Big Bad Wolf) it remains a fun ride.

Jr. Gemini

7. Jr. Gemini.  This is the smallest coaster at CP.  It actually has a maximum height of 54″, so if you are taller than that, you must be accompanying a child to ride.  This height restriction makes the coaster an elusive target for the coaster enthusiast.  I got to ride it last summer.  We were walking past Jr. Gemini when I decided to try to get a ride on it.  I knew that my brother was just a little taller than 54″.  We decided that we might as well try because there was no line and the worst they could do was to turn us away.  They let us on.  The ride itself was rather disappointing, but the setting was nice, among some trees.  I knew that I was the tallest person to ride it in a while, because I got a spiderweb on my hair!Magnum XL-200

8. Magnum XL-200.  Another historic coaster at CP.  This was the tallest and fastest coaster in the U.S. when it was built.  It was not, however, the record holder of the world.  Moonsault Scramble at Fuji-Q Highlands in Japan was 246′ tall and opened 6 years before Magnum.  It was a shuttle style coaster which subjected the riders to 6.2 G’s!  Click here for pictures.  Anyway, Magnum was the first complete circuit coaster to break the 200′ mark and was designated a ‘hypercoaster’.  The ride remains exciting to this day, but gets a bit rough in places.  The bunny hills provide plenty of air-time, but are rather sharp.  The second drop is one of my favorites on a coaster, with a thrilling, turning plunge by Lake Erie into a very small tunnel.  Oh, and by the way, the rumors that Magnum is sinking into the sandy soil are…false.Mantis

9. Mantis.  This coaster is unique to CP in the way it is ridden: standing up.  This way of riding proves to be fun…if you follow the endlessly repeated warnings from the operations crew.  While it doesn’t measure up to the parks other Bolliger & Mabillard (B&M) coaster, Raptor, it is smooth, powerful, and twisted, making for a good ride.

Here is the previous post in this series.

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