2009 Kings Island Coaster Revealed?

27 06 2008


According to this article, Kings Island(KI)’s upcoming coaster may be a Bolliger & Mabillard (B&M) Dive Machine.  “It’s going to involve floorless seats. We think there will be some water involved with it,” said Dennis Spiegel, a theme park designer and roller coaster expert. Many sources, including Screamscape, had already speculated that the new coaster would be from B&M, would be a hypercoaster, and would feature a splashdown effect (this was obvious from the construction photos).  This article is unique, however, in that it suggests that the new ride will be a Dive Machine model, similar to Griffon at Busch Gardens Europe (Williamsburg).


Dive Machines are quite unique coasters from B&M.  They feature oblong, floorless trains and 90 degree drops.  At the top of these drops, a special second chain “lift” holds you in place, so that you may observe and comprehend your fate for a few seconds before release.  There are five currently in the world.  The first is Oblivion, at Alton Towers (UK); followed by Diving Machine G5 at Janfusun Fancyworld (Taiwan), SheiKra at Busch Gardens Africa (Tampa), Griffon at BGE, and Vertical Coaster at Chimelong Paradise (China).  Griffon, the coaster which KI’s is being compared to is 205′ tall, has 2 inversions, and reaches speeds of 71 m.p.h.  All pictures in this article are of Griffon.Griffon

Whatever the new coaster is, it will be lots of fun and very exciting.  KI Spokesman Don Helbig says, “…It’s going to be the most exciting attraction in the 36-year history of the park,”

GriffonUpdate!  Click here for the latest on this coaster.




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9 07 2008
New 2009 Kings Island Coaster Update! « The Coaster Blog

[…] a Bolliger & Mabillard (B&M) “hypercoaster” rather than the dive machine that I predicted.  This is according to the Dayton Daily News and you can read the article […]

13 08 2008

i hate roller coasters but if i did like roller coasters i would say that it looks awsome.so cool.

20 08 2008
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[…] Kings Island’s Diamondback 20 08 2008 After much speculation (including on this blog) Kings Island has finally announced their 2009 project.  We already knew that it would be a […]

22 09 2008

I think that Kings Dominion should follow in its siblings footsteps and build another rollercoaster for 2009,but,i think that it should be a dive coaster like Griffon so it can compete better with other competition theme parks.

13 02 2010

Ok so for 2010 were getting nothing but 2011 we might get a little something like a 9 Million dollar inverted impulse coaster, likeWicked Twister at cedar point, it has high thrills there’s not many of them and it can save money for the 2012 year which will be the parks 40th anniversary. And they could get something similar to Fahrenheit at Hersheypark and that would be two Intamin AG coasters which I am a big fan of.

18 09 2010

I know

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