The Coasters of Cedar Point, Part III

2 07 2008

Maverick10. Maverick.  This ride, while not as graceful as Millennium Force, is fun in its own right for being a wild ride.  It packs a punch for only being 105′ tall.  The unique feature of this ride is the 95 degree drop, the most intense for its height that I have been on.  After the drop, the ride moves through a series of tightly banked turns, camel backed hills, and crazy inversions.  Just when you think that it has run out of steam, the train is accelerated intensely to 70 m.p.h.  This ride doesn’t let up until it hits the break run.  When Maverick was announced, many enthusiasts expressed their disappointment with the ride.  They were expecting a 500′, 150+m.p.h. record breaking coaster.  Instead they got what they thought was a “family” coaster.  They were wrong.  This intense coaster plays for keeps from the magnetically launched lift hill to the break run.

Mean Streak

11. Mean Streak.  This monster of a roller coaster is impossible to miss once you are at the back of the park.  This 161′ tall coaster was the tallest wooden coaster standing at the time of its opening.  This coaster is notoriously hard on its riders and unfortunately has a trim break on the first drop, slowing down the ride considerably.  As a result, there are always short lines for this ride.  For those who want to brave the tracks of this woodie, the ride turns out to be rather long and satisfying considering the short wait time.  This ride will be fun for anyone who loves woodies, but even so, beware the back seat!

Millenium Force

12. Millennium Force.  This is easily the best coaster at CP.  It is utterly graceful and thrilling, the result of 100’s of years of coaster design evolution and progress.  This coaster, being the second highest at CP surprisingly spends most of its time close to the ground, relishing its speed, then soaring again over hills filled with glorious air time.  This coaster is the smoothest coaster I have ever been on.  There is not a false note over its 6595 foot course.  The front seat is worth the wait (but avoid it in the evening, when the coaster becomes a 90 m.p.h. flyswatter, trust me, I know this from experience).


13. Raptor.  This coaster is an intense and wonderful inverted coaster from Bolliger & Mabillard (B&M).  It is a lot of fun because the sensation of having no tracks or car below you is amazing while the coaster soars along its course.  As any B&M coaster, it is incredibly smooth with a creative and twisted layout.  The front seat is a must for the full experience.




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7 07 2008

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10 07 2008
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