New for ’09 Kings Island’s Diamondback

20 08 2008

Diamondbacks layout

After much speculation (including on this blog) Kings Island has finally announced their 2009 project.  We already knew that it would be a Bolliger & Mabillard (B&M) hyper coaster, but there was a lot still to be learned.  The general thought was that the coaster would be named Mustang, but we were wrong.  While I do like the name Diamondback, I think that Mustang would be better.  Names aside, this is going to be huge.  The website isn’t exaggerating when they say that this will be one of the best coasters in the world.

The first drop is 215′ from a height of 230′, after which there are five more drops that are over 100′.  The ride is 5,282′ long, reaches speeds of 80 mph and is three minutes long.  The ride length is impressive and so is the ride capacity; 1,620 riders per hour.  The special cars (pictured left) are designed with the rear seats offset so that every rider has an unobstructed view.  These kind of cars debuted this year on Behemoth at Canada’s Wonderland (these are the cars pictured here).

For more information, pictures, an onride video and the latest updates please visit the official Diamondback website or stay tuned right here.

Diamondback will be a great addition to this park.  They have gone too long without a B&M coaster.  I cannot wait to ride it.  See you in April!




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20 08 2008
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14 10 2010

this rollercoaster is sick.

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