New “Timberliner” Coaster Trains by Gravity Group!

19 11 2008

Everything the Gravity Group has done has been very exciting. On November 18, the Gravity Group LLC, announced their Timberliner brand of coaster trains. The new trains will use ergonomic styling, shocks, and innovative restraints for increased comfort and safety. They will have “unparalleled ability to smoothly navigate the track for decreased train & track maintenance”. Reduced wear and tear on the tracks is important because wooden coasters have very high maintenance costs. They will also include compatibility with magnetic braking systems, on-board audio systems, and, most exciting of all, launch systems. It was very strategic for the Gravity Group to develop these trains, as they will do much to improve the overall popularity of wooden coasters. Many people complain about how wooden coasters are old-fashioned and uncomfortable, but these new trains will truly take wooden coasters into the 21st century. As for launch compatibility, maybe Cedar Point will finally get that rumored 500′ Intamin launched woodie!

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