The Tallest Coaster in the World?

7 12 2008

We have recently recieved news of a new park in the Six Flags chain; Six Flags Dubailand.  Following the tradition of abbrv’s in the coaster fandom, I official call this new park SFDb (we cannot use SFDL, because that stands for Six Flags Darien Lake, and that acronym was retired when SF sold the park).  It will be 60 acres and include 40-60 rides with three or four major roller coasters.  Mark Shapiro said that they would be on the order of Kingda Ka, Nitro, El Toro, and X2.

What I am excited about is his mention of a Kingda Ka type ride going to the park.  There has been a rumor on Screamscape that Intiman was building a taller and faster rocket coaster for a middle eastern park, and this just makes it more exciting.

What will the tallest and fastest coaster in the world be like.  Will they just break the record by a couple feet (Kingda Ka vs. Top Thrill Dragster), or will they go for the big 500 (feet)?  I hope that whatever they do, they give it more of an exciting layout than the plain old vertical out and back.  Perhaps something more along the lines of the graceful Millenium Force.

SFDb is one of many parks going in at Dubai.  At this rate, Dubai will be the rightful Coaster Capital of the World in a few years.  Which means of course I will have to visit.


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13 12 2008
Ring°Racer: The World’s Fastest Roller Coaster « The Coaster Blog

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28 02 2009

Actually Everybody is wrong
tallest roller coaster in the world is the Steel Dropper 600 feet high
I saw it own

28 02 2009
John Muyskens

Thank you for commenting, but please forgive me for being skeptical. Your “source” doesn’t seem to be an official website of any kind, and doesn’t give any basic details. It doesn’t even give such basic statistics as the location of the park or the manufacturer of the roller coaster). Even if this is true, the website clearly states that it will open in 2033, so Kingda Ka would remain the current champ. I watched the youtube video which happens to be an unrealistic RCT3 sim. Trust me, no coaster looking remotely like that one will ever be built. People like coasters that don’t kill people. Lawsuits reflect negatively upon ridership.

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