New 2009 Kings Island Coaster Update!

9 07 2008

**Update! Click here to see the latest on this coaster!**

I was wrong.

The 2009 Kings Island coaster will be a Bolliger & Mabillard (B&M) “hypercoaster” rather than the dive machine that I predicted.  This is according to the Dayton Daily News and you can read the article here.

Behemoth at Canada\'s Wonderland
Behemoth at Canada’s Wonderland is a similar model of coaster.

Am I disappointed?  No; this is a great addition to a park long lacking a B&M coaster.  According to the article, which references plans filed at the City of Mason Planning Department, the coaster will be 4,200′ long and have three loops.  Lets look at these stats.  4,200′ is a very satisfying length for a coaster, but three loops?  First of all: loops are ambiguous.  Are we talking about just vertical loops or corkscrews, barrel rolls, or other types of inversions?  Many types of B&M coasters have loops, but no models of this type feature them.  It is also possible that the reporter was mistaken.  Vertical loops from the top look like stretched ‘z’s, while a loop looking layout would indicate a helix turn.

Goliath at Six Flags over Georgia

B&M hypercoasters are widely acclaimed for being great rides.  In Mitch Hawker’s 2007 steel coaster poll, Goliath at Six Flags Over Georgia (pictured above) ranked 7th, Nitro at Six Flags Great Adventure ranked 9th, and Apollo’s Chariot at Busch Gardens Europe (Williamsburg) ranked 12th.  While King’s Island’s new coaster will be average to shorter than most B&M hypers, it will be unique in having a water splashdown feature.  Most tend to sport incredibly steep drops (80 degrees on Behemoth at Canada’s Wonderland) and out and back layouts.  The new coaster at King’s Island will likely be similar to Nitro because of its largely forested layout (pictured below).

The new coaster\'s layout may be similar to Nitro\'s.

Pictured below is a prediction for the layout of the new coaster.  The layout has some elements that are very similar that of Nitro.

Possible layout of the new coaster.

As for a name for the new ride, there are only rumors, but one sign around the ride suggests that it will be named “Mustang”.  This name is fitting because along with Raging Bull (at Six Flags Great America) and Apollo’s Chariot these ride names reference the bucking hills and intense airtime that characterize these rides through ‘wild animal’ imagery.  This name also fits with the ‘wild west’ motif of several other recent coasters in the Cedar Fair family of parks including Maverick at Cedar Point and Renegade at Valleyfair! (Minnesota).  Whatever this ride is named, I’m game for it.

**Update! Click here to see the latest on this coaster!**


CP vs. SFMM part II

4 06 2008

Today, I saw a coupon for a Cedar Point day ticket.  The price?  At a discount of  $8, $34.95.  It helps to get some relative prices to understand just how good a deal this is.  General admission at the park we often compare to CP, Six Flags Magic Mountain is $59.99 (that’s almost twice as much, by the way).  We have conceded scientifically (OK, it wasn’t actually very good) that CP=SFMM on the coaster quality front.  Therefore, whichever park is less expensive must be the better park.  Now it really isn’t fair to compare these parks like they are actually wholly competing with each other because there is a large geographical divide (they’re on opposite ends of the country), and therefore look for very different markets.  While I have not been to both parks, I can say that from trip reports and park reviews that Ive read, that CP offers a much more satisfactory experience than SFMM.  In the end though, it is really only your opinion for you to decide.