New for ’08-Fahrenheit!

9 03 2008

Fahrenheit is Hersheypark’s latest addition. It will be 2700′ long, 121′ tall, and feature 6 inversions. Its slogan, “97 degrees and falling fast” is a clever reference to the angle of the drop. The coaster was marketed with a fake website ( to get the coaster internet community excited. This will be the second European style compact Intamin looper (so called Terra coaster) in the U.S., with Maverick being the first. Hersheypark usually catches onto trends early. For example, they have the first GCI (Wildcat), the first looper on the East coast (Sooperdooperlooper), one of the earliest Vekoma Boomerangs (Sidewinder) and an Intamin hydraulic launcher (Storm Runner). This coaster is part of a new trend of roller coasters that are more compact. We are seeing more Gerstlauer (SpongeBob), Mack (The Dark Knight), and Zamperla (Pony Express). These compact coasters will offer more variety, creativity, and family fun. I can’t wait to see where this trend brings us!